Denis Kozlov ReNamer


Complete and efficient tool for renaming files


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ReNamer is a utility created for making the task of renaming massive amount of files easer for the user.

With this program, you no longer need to waste your time changing file names one by one, nor will you choose not to rename a folder simply because of the exhaustion of doing the same operation time and time again.

ReNamer works effectively by applying rules that you will create beforehand to automate the renaming process. Specifically, you will have 12 different rules that deal with anything from simply inserting text to deleting specific parts or modifying the file’s extension. Each one of these rules has distinct options for personalizing them to the maximum, and they can be saved for later use.

ReNamer also stands out for its simple interface that is divided into two windows—one for files and another for rules of renaming. Before modifying any file, you will be able to preview it. Additionally, the program supports drag and drop, which adds even more ease of use.
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